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Dear Students,

Welcome to ASK & Learn: - Inscribing Education to Secondary and Higher Secondary Students of Gujarat Board (English Medium). We appreciate your registration to the online account.

Please refer to Our Policy for uninterrupted use and strictly abide to it. As the website presents educational information also to children below age of 18 EIGHTEEN years of age, if the constraint applicable to you. Please read and agree to the following disclaimer to proceed.


  1. If you opt to disagree to any part of and/or complete disclaimer, we request you to exit the website immidiately and mail us: for removal of your online account.
  2. You agree that the information provided by you to us at the time of registration of online account is true, legal and genuine. Also you agree that the additional information provided as upon updating your profile are true and relevant.
  3. Your parent(s) / guardian(s) is / are informed of the registration and that they have filed parent login password, their e-mail id to confirm their permission granted to you for such activity / activities.
  4. You are allowed a personal use i.e. explicitely for you and not any other(s). Also, single location (PC / Laptop) is advised. Unauthorized use is punishable at Law along with penal action(s).
  5. Link to payment for privileged use of online account is provided on student dashboard only for convinience of children above age of 18 EIGHTEEN years. In no case, any and all payment proceedings shall be handled by children below 18 EIGHTEEN years of age. Link to payment for privileged use of online account is also provided with parent dashboard for the same.
  6. Student are provided with separate login password and parent login password shall be distinct. Under no circumstances parent login password shall be accessed by students and / or unauthorized person(s). 
  7. You and your parent(s) / guardian(s) provide irrevocable agreement to "Our Policy" including this disclaimer and confirm the same by providing tick-right to the check box below and clicking the button "Accept".


Enjoy studying !!!

ASK & Learn

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Phone: (+91) 99988-05898

Effective as of Saturday, August 13, 2011
Last Updated On: Saturday, August 13, 2011