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ASK & Learn: Academy for Scientific Knowledge is an education inscribing company initiated as proprietary concern established since 1997 to seize professional opportunities in the education sector. With an institute setup in Athwalines – The Education Suburb of the surat city; ASK & Learn provides superior coaching services for secondary and higher secondary students of Gujarat Board: English Medium, serving both the feminine and masculine genders (Co-Ed).

“ASK & Learn was founded on the basic belief that our ultimate success is dependent upon delivering value to students. It is our dedicated instructors and staff who ultimately deliver that value.”

ASK & Learn brings a fresh and innovative approach to subject explanation acting as connecting link between the student’s understanding and their performance at exams.
Also, the institute now enrolls two batches each of Standard 8th, 9th, and 10th comprising of about twenty five students in a single batch. Moreover, Class 11th and 12th science stream is offered all main subjects viz. Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.
ASK & Learn emerged single – handedly by Mr. Abhinav S. Malavi teaching part time a group of 2-3 students at home is who’s now MD & CEO.
Today, ASK & Learn family has extended to thousands of ex-students and hundreds of students add up every year and ofcourse, you.
Growth of our institute is paralleled by increase in success graph of students. First student Ankit Sachdeva completed his industrial doctorate in aviation and was working with Airbus corporation now with Amadeus; many others are now doctors and engineers; some of them pursued CA, MBA, etc.; and some others joined their family business (of course after successful completion of graduate degree). However, one thing I have marked common in them that they all are best at their work and secondly they love their job.
Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every personnel by offering outstanding service, increased efforts, and greater development, thus optimizing student’s smartness and improving his/her efficiency.
Our faculties are distinguished by their functional and subject expertise combined with their wide experience, thereby ensuring that our students receive the most effective and professional service.
Our team is focused on defining their ultimate reason for personal commitment. While the team shares many honorable values, they agreed that ultimately the key phrase for them was their belief in:
empowering people through education.
Education has the ability to change lives, and is a dynamic and driving force we are all proud to be a part of.
The ultimate success of “ASK & Learn” is being also driven by focusing on what we can be best in the world at. The team has defined this as delivering timely holistic educational environments to students. We cannot be all things to all people, but what we do; we will do well, and we will add value through education. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive subject knowledge makes us the ideal choice as a coaching institute.
Many companies state that their human resource are their most valuable asset - at ASK & Learn we know it - we believe it, and we are building a company dedicated to these people, our established values, and our vision. We are building the company by providing an opportunity for every team member to excel and to make a difference.
Abhinav S. Malavi
MD & CEO, ASK & Learn