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At ASK & Learn we are committed to providing a complete education solution to our students. Our mission, values and key principles shape our behaviour to allow us to continually provide a high quality, hassle-free education experience for our students.
"You are our focus.
We are committed to providing a customer-centric
service that exceeds your needs and expectations."
ASK & Learn is dedicated to impart to its students not only the subject knowledge but also develop liking for the subject. The mission of the Academy for Scientific Knowledge is to provide intellectually well developed, spiritually oriented, morally upright and socially concerned citizens for India with high level of moral and social values. Similarly, ASK & Learn will be striving hard to achieve the well-designed and clearly identified standards with following objectives:
  • To develop conceptual and analytical skills and in depth understanding of the subjects taught.
  • To enable students apply their knowledge in practical senses.
  • To develop time management skills and techniques.
  • To have lively ethical concerns in the student community.
  • To prepare students to face international competition by infusing, innovation, entrepreneurship and enhancing their creative skills.
  • Conscientious, quality driven and honest in approach
  • Technologically innovative and competent
  • Highly respected academically and pedagogically distinct
  • Responsive to the aspirations of students
Key Principles
As a customer-centric organisation, our focus is always on you, the customer. As a result, at the core of our business are the following principles:
  • Optimal customer service at all times, in terms of both efficiency and courtesy.
  • Listening to customer feedback and acting on it.
  • Nurture our staff to perform at their best at all times.
Social Responsibility
At ASK & Learn, we are committed to operating responsibly. We strive to have a positive impact on our Students, Employees, Co-workers and Wider Communities. We have created a Social Responsibility Policy which demonstrates our commitment to employees and to the wider community.
  • Our values and principles govern our approach in all we do.
  • They shape our policies, culture and beliefs.